Lessons from History 101: Teaching Digital Humanities at the Introductory Level in Community Colleges

Jack Norton (Normandale Community College)

Digital humanities courses often sit at the top of departmental course offerings, focussed on advanced majors or graduate students. In 2014 I reoriented my survey world history two course around digital humanities projects using resources that are free to students. This fall I am reorienting my world history one course in a similar fashion. My experience with these two introductory survey courses, along with my recent NEH Summer Institute on DH in Community Colleges, yields insight into best practices for teaching DH to undergraduates of all levels. Specifically, designing a course for students of diverse backgrounds and preparations requires attention to logistics, learning outcomes, the cognitive science of learning, and an equity-centered andragogy that textbook-centered courses do not.

Resources and Presentation Materials:


Lesson from History 101_ Teaching Digital Humanities at the Community College-2

Norton_DH Lesson Plan Template